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Q47 - Corporate Practices and KPIs In Organic, Open, and IP Innovation - Research Results [PIECE 0]

2PLM e-zine,,
July 7 2014 -- Pages 1-2

Description: 2PLM is a bi-monthly publication by John Stark Associates [JSA], based in Switzerland. JSA is focused on the body of knowledge of "Closed Loop Lifecycle Management (CL2M)." CL2M is the logical extension of closed-loop Product Lifecycle Management and enables the desired information gathering, processing and exchange throughout the whole life of an entity from beginning, through middle to end of life. The characteristics of lifecycle information gathering, processing and exchange, along with the associated technologies required, are applicable to all kinds of lifecycles inherent in supply chains, pedigree and traceability of food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, high-value retail, and health care applications and not unique to product lifecycles.

JSA and GGI have collaborated on various projects spanning three decades, including publishing selected highlights of GGI primary research efforts. This initial piece introduces GGI's 2014 Product Development Metrics Survey to readers of 2PLM and lays the groundwork for the five part series to follow in the months ahead.

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