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Q41 - 3M, other companies seek to transform R&D

Finance & Commerce, Finance & Commerce, Inc., Minneapolis, MN
June 28, 2011

Description: The Society of Concurrent Product Development, Inc. [SCPD] held its 10th Annual Conference at 3M's Tartan Park in Lake Elmo, Minnesota on June 28-29, 2011. The two day conference was on the subject of "Concurrent Innovation." Speakers and papers included:

  • John Cronin (ipCapital Group, Inc.): Maximizing the Value of Your IP on Wall Street
  • Mike Hess (Medtronic, VP): Innovation at Medtronic
  • Frank Hull (Strategic Research, Inc.): Tangible Benefits of Concurrency in Industrial & High Tech Companies
  • Don Reinertsen (Reinertsen and Associates): Combining Concurrency and Second Generation Lean Product Development
  • John Horn (3M, VP, Industrial & Transportation Business): Collaboration and Innovation
  • Brad Goldense (Goldense Group, Inc.): Concurrent Product Development: The First 30 Years 1988 - 2018
  • Preston Smith (New Product Dynamics): Does it Pay to Develop Products Flexibly?
  • Peter Fritz (3M): Moving Up the Value Stream - A Case Study in Concurrency.

Chris Newmarker, a reporter for Finance & Commerce, published a piece covering the highlights of SCPD's 10th Annual Conference. Bradford L. Goldense, SCPD's co-founder and a speaker at the conference, was quoted in the article on the subject of "concurrent practices" including concurrent engineering and concurrent product development.

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