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A80 - Goldense On R&D-Product Development - The Makers Movement Spurs Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Machine Design, Penton Publishing, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
July 18, 2013

Description: Enter the new kid on the block, the "Individual Manufacturer." Technological advancements have brought price reductions to many entry barriers. Moore's Law tells us about more for less each year. As well, one now alternative choice to rent or lease industrial capabilities for short periods. High quality sound recording studios were at the inception of "industrial renting." Today, individuals with ideas or inventions can hire the design, have access to rapid protoyping equipment, and ultimately to companies dedicated to OEM and contract manufacturing for third parties - at very reasonable terms. Television and internet sales and distribution, and companies dedicated to venturing with entrepreneurs to build and fund product inventories are growing.

Corporations require design, lean, six-sigma, agile, flexible, and other largely deterministic methods be used. Companies need to increase the utilization of ideation, concepting, brainstorming, creation, and innovation tools in some balance if a factory-like innovation culture is to be achieved. Engineering intrapreneurs need not wait. Your corporations need you.

This article is an ongoing column in Penton Publishing's Machine Design magazine entitled "Goldense On R&D-Product Development."

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