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A74 - New Research On Product Development & Innovation Management: Innovation Tools

2PLM e-zine, John Stark Assosicates, Geneva, SWITZERLAND
September 8, 2008 -- Pages 1-2

Description: : This article is Piece 4 of a series of 5 articles that will be written in the Summer and Fall of 2008 for the Europe-based 2PLM eZine newsletter produced bi-monthly by John Stark & Associates out of Switzerland. GGI�s 2008 Biennial Product Development Metrics Survey, published May 15, 2008, is structured into five research areas and one article is written for each research area. An introduction to this series of articles has already been published and it may be found in the Quotations section of The Wisdom iStore [Q34]. In summary, six articles including the introduction will be published in 2PLM that discuss the 2008 survey findings. When the 2008 series is complete, the set may be purchased as a set at a discount in the �Bundled Publications� section of The Wisdom iStore.

The five research areas of the GGI 2008 Biennial Product Development Metrics Survey are:

  • Innovation Environment: business strategy and the degree of importance, training and investment in innovation
  • Innovation Processes: innovative development activities and degree of documentation
  • Innovation Identity: range of internal and external branding and corporate nomenclature
  • Innovation Tools: tools and software that companies use to innovate in development
  • Top Corporate Metrics Used in Industry: the most popular metrics companies use to measure and manage R&D

ABSTRACT For Piece 4 � Innovation Tools:

The survey investigated the Innovation Tools in corporations. GGI identified over 250 tools that can be used by individuals and/or groups either in person or virtually that enhance the ability to get �out of the box� and increase the amount of creative thinking. Of these 250 tools, 67 were determined to be �generally available,� meaning that they can be located through search mechanisms available to most people. The degree of penetration of these 67 tools across industry was the focus of this research area. Three degrees of penetration were researched: (1) the company owns/has the tool, (2) the company occasionally uses the tool, (3) the company frequently uses the tool. The article focuses on overall trends across the 67 tools surveyed, and identifies some of the most popular innovation tools used by industry today. Replies to GGI�s 2008 Product Development Metrics Survey were received from 209 companies across a range of industries including industrial and medical products, aerospace, defense, electronics, chemicals, and pure software companies.

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