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A77 - Integral IAM and New Product Processes Are The Future

Intellectual Asset Management [IAM] Magazine, The IP Media Group, London, United Kingdom
November/December 2009 -- Pages 9-16

Description: This article is a joint work between Brad Goldense and John Cronin. Brad is a product development expert and John is an intellectual property expert. Brad is most recognized for his thought leadership in R&D metrics for three decades. John is most recognized as the co-creator of "IBM's Patent Factory." Together, the authors explore the what is likely to happen to product development strategy, and its several execution processes, as intellectual property becomes an easily monetized commodity over the next twenty years.

"It is only a matter of time before the integration of IP and product development becomes part of the mainstream business process. Companies have to decide whether they want to be leaders or laggards as this happens."

Sections Of The Article:

  • Today
  • Early IAM and product planning will increase corporate ROI
  • Deconstruct IP processes to identify integration opportunities
  • Making a case for early IP strategy
  • Innovation generations
  • Benefits of seventh generation IAM and NPD processes
  • The IP era

Additionally, the article contains the results of primary research conducted by GGI on the decision steps, number of people involved, and formality of the processes of product development and intellectual property in the early 21st century.

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