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MR34 - "2004 Product Development Metrics Research Results

December 23, 2005 -- [313 Pages]

Product Description:

The 2004 Product Development Metrics Survey focused on product selection processes and the tools employed, intellectual property (IP) management processes and the tools employed, and the top corporate R&D metrics used in industry. Findings of this research are offered in three reports of increasingly detailed description and analysis: Research Highlights (MR31), Research Summary (MR32), and Research Results (MR34). The first two reports, MR31 and MR32, analyze the survey population as a whole - 202 companies. MR31 is an “all text” summary of the findings. MR32 contains all the text of MR31 as well as a graphical analysis of each survey question. MR34 contains everything contained in MR32, plus text and graphics for five different segment analyses of the survey population.

This 2004 Product Development Metrics Research Results is a 314-page report containing text and graphical slides that describe and analyze the survey population both as a whole; and segmented as follows: Public vs. Private Companies; Smaller vs. Larger Companies; Process vs. Repetitive/Discrete vs. Job Shop Companies; Higher vs. Lower Technology Companies; and Companies with More vs. Fewer Employees.

This research provides interesting results regarding the methods and tools companies use to select projects and to generate innovation and/or intellectual property. The report provides details on the number of people, number of steps, and the formality of decision-making processes and tools for both product selection and intellectual property (IP). Also included are the similarities, differences, and interrelationships between the product selection processes and the related IP management processes. A special section is included that enables one to examine the relative and/or differing maturities of the product selection process and the intellectual property process at this point in time. Separately, the report also details the current usage of the metrics used at the top of corporations to measure RD&E and compares the 2004 results to results from the three prior GGI surveys of 2002, 2000, and 1998 enabling one to see how metrics are changing over time.

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