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MR21 - "2002 Product Development Metrics Research Highlights

February 28, 2003 -- [65 Pages]

Product Description:

The 2002 Product Development Metrics Survey focused on resource and capacity management practices and metrics. Results of the research are offered in three reports of increasingly detailed description and analysis: Research Highlights (MR21), Research Summary (MR22), and Research Results (MR24). The first two reports, MR21 and MR22, analyze the survey population as a whole. MR21 is an “all text” summary of the findings. MR22 contains all the text of MR21 as well as a graphical analysis of each survey question. MR24 contains everything contained in MR22, plus text and graphics for five different segment analyses of the survey population.

The 2002 Product Development Metrics Research Highlights is a 65-page report containing text that describes and analyzes the survey population as a whole. This report is a top-level summary of the research results. The report summarizes the overall survey results and provides analysis on the profiles of the survey respondents; loading the RD&E capacity pipeline; providing capacity for RD&E activities; balancing cross-functional resources (staffing ratios); systems, tools, and metrics used to manage capacity; and RD&E metrics used in industry.

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